mardi 21 mars 2017

Headlines, a frame for our ideas

Computers, mobile phones, tablets... They changed the way that we were using to communicate

Social media changed the way that we have to think, at a point that now, “a headline determines how many people will read a piece,” said a contributing writer for

Digital technologies changed the way that we have to communicate, it is a fact. 
But it also changed the way that the media used to communicate with us. Today, most of the media, TV, newspapers, radios or magazines are also presents on the web. And on this area, all are in competition, because they are equals. Most of the time, the first thing that we see on social media, it is the headline of the article. With a picture or a video, it is one of the best weapons to attract the reader.
“Everyone knows that a headline determines how many people will read a piece, particularly in this era of social media,” even said Maria Konnikova, contributing writer for the 
In these conditions, the question is: what journalists should do to make their headlines attractive?
Which one would you like to read? And why?
More and more, unfortunately, some journalists opt for the sensationalism journalism to try to sale their newspaper. I think that it is the first danger when you are writing a headline. 
If I had the choice, I woulk like to read the last article and the reason is simple. It makes me wondering a question. Which are these countries? Which are these countries, and once again, does Donald Trump targeted the Muslim community?
The first one is interesting, because it focus on 'Middle East flights" but as a reader, I would like to kow more. 

Post truth area context

The second one, for me, does not give enough information. In this area of post truth, of sensationalism journalism, we do not know if we have to stop about it.
Another constraint that journalists have to respect is the space that they can use for their headlines. This constraint could be a "bad" thing as a "good" thing. It avoids to write too long headlines. But sometimes it is frustrating to cut your ideas.
Write a headline is difficult, according to me, but it is the mirror of your article.
You can find more tips here.

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